Comprehensive Accounting

FINORB covers all important features of accounting starting from normal transactions of cash & bank, sale & purchase, etc. with facilities of cost centers, sub ledgers to provide books of account with Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet, for individual entity wise as well as for the group as a whole.


Consolidated balance sheet, profit & loss accounts and trial balance for entire Group as well as for individuals/companies.General accounting is facilitated through this module, where user can also import the opening balance into the software very easily. The software provides for cost center and sub ledger concept with periodic analysis. Bill wise age analysis can also be done from this module.

The detailed features of comprehensive accounting are mentioned below:


Daily Entry:

  • Manual Entry
    • Bank Receipt/ Payment Entries
    • Cash Receipt/ Payment Entries
    • Contra/ Journal Entries
  • Import through Soft Copy:
    • Entries relating to sale and purchase of shares- Direct import from the Broker Transactions
    • Daily rates for imports - from Bhav copy of NSE/ BSE
    • For Mutual Fund transactions - Direct import from softcopy provided by CAMP, KARVY, TEMPLETON and SUNDRAM
    • NAV import Updation through AMFI site

Bank Reconciliation

  • Import of offline bank statements from soft copy provided by Bank
  • Automated bank reconciliation
  • Appropriate reports to deal with exceptions


Dividend Reconciliation


Bonus Reconciliation


Stock in trade

FinORB provides the user the leverage to treat their stocks as investments or as inventory or fixed assets. The entity can maintain their stock inventory for shares, item and other category. This report gives you the report for quantity and value of the opening stock, purchase during the year, sale during the year and closing value and quantity. This is a unique feature by which the user can maintain the stocks as per their own business standard (inventory or investments)



  • Day book, Cash book, Bank book, Error book


Cheque book Control

  • The system provides Cheque leaves used and should be in hand. This reduces possibility of frauds.


Management of Debt Instruments like Bonds/ FDR’s etc and Loans

  • Comprehensive control on loans given/ debt instruments.
  • Proper control on interest receivable/ principal re-payments.

  2. Accounting Reports (Single or multiple or all entities of Group)

  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial balance
  • Profit/ Loss
  • Profitability Statement of assets on cost
  • Maturity report of the assets
  • Ledger, sub ledger budgetary projection report
  • Cost center wise budgetary projection report
  • Projected cash flow from debt instruments investment
  • Income statement report with interest details for debt instruments investment
  • Periodic analysis reports for ledgers and sub ledgers
  • Cost center wise periodic analysis report


Ledger printing/display


Sub ledger printing/display


Printer Friendly



  • Negative Stock
  • Voucher not tally

Salient Features
  • An integrated platform to manage all your finance, wealth and investments.
  • A Group concept, enables user to view data as individual or group wise.
  • Sector wise portfolio can be viewed for long term and short terms benefits.
  • It is build according to the current, with no entry loads and manual work.
  • Management of cash outflow and cash inflow, with zero redundancy, works as an assistance having well defined cash management.
  • Comparative analysis with model portfolio can be done.
  • Proper import transaction facility eradicates the manual entry processes, making it less error prone.
  • Better decision making abilities are obtained with a better forecasting of the invested wealth.
  • Proper balance sheet management with a perfect bank reconciliations.
  • Proper tax and dividend management with clarity of tax liabilities helps in efficient estimation of future tax liabilities.
  • Comparative profit / loss analysis helps in accurate business flow.
  • Maintains consistency in business operations by analysis of realized gain/loss with unrealized gain/loss.
  • Many More to Follow...

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