Key Reports

FINORB streamlines and automates the business processes of investments and finances. The application supports planning to the target level, ie it has the ability and endurance to allocate assets to the goal which owner wants to achieve and also helps in scrutinizing the assets to the goal level.

The Key Reports provided by FINORB solve the objective of knowing the financial status and determine the assets value and their probable allocation so as to ensure profits with minimal risk associated.

Some of the key and significant reports provide by FINORB is discussed below:


ROI Reports

  • Summary of returns on cost
  • Summary of returns on opening market value
  • Columnar profitability statement on market value
  • Absolute and annualized return on cost as well as opening market value
  • Portfolio performance report as on current market value
  • Scheme/ script return analysis report
  • Realized and Unrealized Capital Gain / Loss report on cost as well as opening market value
  • Profitability statement as on cost for accounting
  • Consolidated wealth allocation reports
  • Portfolio performance report
  • Portfolio value report


Accounting Reports

  • Basic Accounting reports like balance sheet, profit/loss, trial balance
  • Periodic analysis report for ledgers and sub ledgers
  • Cost center wise periodic report
  • Cheque book control
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Dividend reconciliation report
  • Bonus reconciliation report
  • Estimated tax liability report on MAT calculation
  • Disallowance under section 94(7), 94(8) of Income Tax Act
  • Income tax related long term & short term gains/ losses report
  • Alerts for the errors in the accounting operation like negative stock, unidentified cheque no. etc

Portfolio Reports:

  • Profitability analysis report on opening market value
  • Comparison of model portfolio statement with the actual portfolio statement report
  • Sector wise portfolio analysis on cost
  • Sector wise portfolio analysis on market value
  • Portfolio value report
  • Portfolio performance report
  • AMC wise exposure report
  • Portfolio allocation report
  • Shares and mutual funds performance report


Debt Instruments:

  • Cash flow from investments report
  • Income from investments report
  • Detailed maturity report for debts
  • Report for outstanding debts


Wealth Reports:

  • Wealth statement report
  • Comparison of model wealth allocation with actual wealth statement report
  • Growth analysis report


Research Notes Reports:

  • Scheme / script return analysis report
  • Key data report on various categories
  • Key data report on periodic basis
  • Research notes report


Risk Analysis :

  • AMC wise exposer report
  • Portfolio allocation report


Compliance :

  • Legal Compliances report

  • Comparison of compliances on target dates

  • Estimated tax liability report

Salient Features
  • An integrated platform to manage all your finance, wealth and investments.
  • A Group concept, enables user to view data as individual or group wise.
  • Sector wise portfolio can be viewed for long term and short terms benefits.
  • It is build according to the current, with no entry loads and manual work.
  • Management of cash outflow and cash inflow, with zero redundancy, works as an assistance having well defined cash management.
  • Comparative analysis with model portfolio can be done.
  • Proper import transaction facility eradicates the manual entry processes, making it less error prone.
  • Better decision making abilities are obtained with a better forecasting of the invested wealth.
  • Proper balance sheet management with a perfect bank reconciliations.
  • Proper tax and dividend management with clarity of tax liabilities helps in efficient estimation of future tax liabilities.
  • Comparative profit / loss analysis helps in accurate business flow.
  • Maintains consistency in business operations by analysis of realized gain/loss with unrealized gain/loss.
  • Many More to Follow...

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