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FSL Software Technologies Ltd. strives for continuous improvement and unending attention to detail in all its projects thereby enhancing its offerings to customers. FSL endeavors to extend its activities to developing strategic alliances leading to on-site and off-site software development and turnkey Consulting Services.

As a part of services, FSL provides product requirement analysis, software/system design, implementation, testing and release support (Software Development) to companies. We also do Web Designing/ Development/Presentation and also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to our clients. Among the very few, we are those who provide value based solutions with decreased IT support cost, wherein delivering increased transaction volume with efficient, productive and lower defects.

Being a product and services company, FSL has varied software products in its forte, which includes ERP Solutions, CRM Solutions, and Financial Domain Solutions, HR and Payroll etc. FSL Software Technologies has always treated its customers as king, and have always had strong client retention capabilities.

Our technical and domain expertise has always proved our competence in the areas of software development, which broadly includes:

  • Specialized new Software Solution for any Business or modification of the existing solutions.
  • Application Development for any organization or product
  • System Software for Automation Equipment either for an organization or for their clients

FSL Software Technologies has always come forth to provide solutions to the clients in any and all the ways, staring from the business mapping solution to the consulting and advisory solution till the manpower support and services solutions. We take our pride in provide complete 360 degree solution to all our clients and users. We have always tried to grow with the growing industry and technology and help our clients grow with us, with proper technological solutions for them.

Salient Features
  • An integrated platform to manage all your finance, wealth and investments.
  • A Group concept, enables user to view data as individual or group wise.
  • Sector wise portfolio can be viewed for long term and short terms benefits.
  • It is build according to the current, with no entry loads and manual work.
  • Management of cash outflow and cash inflow, with zero redundancy, works as an assistance having well defined cash management.
  • Comparative analysis with model portfolio can be done.
  • Proper import transaction facility eradicates the manual entry processes, making it less error prone.
  • Better decision making abilities are obtained with a better forecasting of the invested wealth.
  • Proper balance sheet management with a perfect bank reconciliations.
  • Proper tax and dividend management with clarity of tax liabilities helps in efficient estimation of future tax liabilities.
  • Comparative profit / loss analysis helps in accurate business flow.
  • Maintains consistency in business operations by analysis of realized gain/loss with unrealized gain/loss.
  • Many More to Follow...

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